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You can use our financing to pay to fix or update your building. 
You can even finance projects that you have completed in the past 3 years
You can use our financing for new construction.  There are no owner guarantees.  
Our financing minimum is $15,000 and we have no maximums.  Our process is easy and quick. 
For projects up to $250,000, we can usually approve you the same day we receive your application.

Ask for a Proposal. We Make it Easy.

Let us know how we can help.  Once we have learned about your requirements and collected some information, we can usually give you an immediate pre-approval.  For projects up to $250,000  we can usually approve you the same day we receive your application.  The first step is to reach out and speak to us and ask for a proposal.


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PACE is a great way to access capital to repair, improve, expand your commercial building.  You can even use it for new construction.  







GreenPACE Capital is a nationally recognized finance company that specializes in financing programs for solar and commercial property improvements.

We provide businesses, non-profits, and tax-exempt organizations with access to energy-efficient upgrades that help them save thousands of dollars every year, all while making a difference in the planet.

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Clean Energy Projects

Thinking about producing your own energy but focused on the costs? Whether it's solar, wind, hydro, or even energy storage, GreenPACE is there.Reduce or eliminate your electricity billsProtect against rising energy costsIncrease your property value.

Lighting Projects

Lighting a commercial building can add a huge lump to your electricity bill every month. If you're looking for a simple way to go green, LED systems, automatic controls, and motion sensors are all great ways to save. LED's long lifespan means less replacing greatly improved energy efficiency easy to install with many flexible solutions

HVAC Projects

A great way to improve your building's efficiency is to upgrade your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Add to that automatic systems such as smart thermostats to turbocharge those savings! Better efficiency means longer lifespans improve the comfort of your building cut out wasteful spending on unnecessary heating

Building Projects

Up your efficiency with double-glazed windows. Give your tenants a place to relax by installing a rooftop garden. Deploy efficient building management systems. There are so many green ways to upgrade and save! Boost your tenants' and employees' happiness.

Our Clients

Many clients have already lowered their monthly electricity bills thanks to GPC programs.
Find out the best way to help you to achieve these benefits!


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